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The Beidou maritime management system is a comprehensive maritime information management system developed by universal navigation company. The platform has set up the marine Beidou mobile command platform system, the ship monitoring platform based on the Beidou AIS, the maritime high precision timing system, the perfect based on the Beidou telemetry and telecontrol system and so on, and actively expand the application of the Beidou in the maritime field.
The system aims to make full use of the PNTC function of the Beidou System (positioning, navigation, timing and communication) to provide location, precision navigation, precise time service, digital message communication service and position based value-added information service for the construction of the maritime department, so as to improve the navigation and navigation service capacity of the Chinese marine security center. Navigation safety on the barrier water.

Using Beidou navigation system and AIS to improve maritime supervision capability
Through the Beidou ship mobile command platform, information communication between maritime departments at all levels should be strengthened to enhance water safety management level.
Enhancing navigation aids telemetry and telecontrol based on Beidou communication function

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