[depth interpretation] Why is SAIC''''''''s first domestic road test license plate?

Lion dance dragon, Beijing opera performance, new year's Eve dinner, dumpling... Every year, the Spring Festival of overseas Chinese is full of thick flavor. "The wood of heaven must have its roots, and the water around mountains must have its source". For overseas Chinese, the Spring Festival is still the most important festival in a year. Gratitude and yearning for our motherland are the feelings that cannot be felt in their hearts. Though they are in a foreign country, they will inevitably miss the vicissitude of the motherland, and cannot see her growing stronger. However, from the overseas sale of "made in China", they saw the development of Chinese manufacturing industry.

In February 8, 2018, the 25 SAIC chase G10 was successfully delivered to the Australian Chinese leasing company to add an additional trip to the overseas tour of China, which also refreshed Chinese awareness of Chinese cars. The delivery is the biggest delivery of the Chinese car brand in the Australian market, and it is also the beginning of the Chinese Chinese to break the concept of the Chinese car brand and break through the old ideological barriers.

(SAIC chase Australia dealers will be delivered to G10 to the Chinese car rental company coolcar (KooCar) responsible person)

SAIC Datong entered the convoy and finally became an accidental "love".

A Chinese car company coolcar (KooCar) the person in charge of Mr. Su, in 2010 Australia's immigration. Before he met "SAIC Datong", his habit of buying and using cars has been inclined to Germany and Japan. For many years, immigrants failed to witness the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry. His impression of Chinese cars was still on the low price and low quality. On the one hand, he was willing to support China's manufacturing industry. On the one hand, he was troubled by the quality of Chinese products. Emotion and reason were on both sides of the balance. "Let him be happy to make him worry".

However, the "accident" appeared. A coincidence made a V80 of SAIC chase into the team of Mr. Su accidentally. He experienced the "unexpected visitor" with an attempt. However, the outcome surprised him: V80's driving experience is excellent. During the 8 years when he left his motherland, the Chinese car had undergone such a great change. Its quality and performance were soaring. Since then, he has made a good impression on Chinese car and SAIC Datong. So when the company needed to purchase a new batch of business cars, he took the SAIC Datong from China into consideration.

"G10 matches my demand for business cars. The central passageway is wide enough to travel very conveniently, and the trunk is large, which can hold many articles. Besides, the outer shape and interior design of the car are more to my taste. Mr. Su said with a laugh. "And G10 is a success in terms of cost performance."

The 25 G10 eventually became the first batch of Chinese brand cars he bought. Although it has not been able to experience the rise of China's rise, it can not witness its growing strength, but the products of the SAIC chase have made him feel that China is already on the high end.

"China has built a car for many years, learning and accumulated some experience, but only someone to use, enterprises can receive feedback, in order to have more space for improvement and renewal. From my personal perspective, Chinese people build their own cars, Chinese people are going to use them to help Chinese businesses get better and better. Mr. Su, who is overseas, is full of joy in the rise of China's manufacturing industry.

Rome is not built in a day. Do not let distance limit your imagination of the motherland.

Overseas, not only Chinese, but also the native old foreign iron merchants who tried SAIC Datong products, they couldn't help hitting CALL for SAIC chase. New Zealand car owner Dave sent a letter of thanks to SAIC chase. The letter said that the V80 he bought was 1200 kilometers per day, and the maintenance cost was only 20 thousand New Zealand yuan each year, saving 55 thousand New Zealand yuan from the previously used Benz, and creating a "miracle" of 200 days and 200 thousand kilometers without a major repair, helping his company to be better. Profit and operation.

In 2017, the total volume of overseas sales of SAIC was 10165, up 45%, of which 5716 were sold in the new region, which accounted for the half - wall of overseas sales, up by nearly 80% compared with last year.

So, SAIC chase was born "is Curve Wrecker", good grades come? In fact, the overseas market is not only sound and demanding, but also has its own unique vehicle certification system. The tracking review is more stringent every year. It needs a stronger quality system guarantee capability of the manufacturer, which is very challenging for foreign car enterprises. Under such harsh conditions, how to create these "miracles" in the face of the frontal confrontation with the European and American Japanese and Japanese brands for many years in the bully market, which has been established for only 7 years?

Every journey begins with the first step, the quality of the products is to enter the overseas market, SAIC chase obtained starting point and guarantee of user acceptance. SAIC makes every product based on international benchmarks and qualities to satisfy customers' needs for power, comfort and fuel economy. At present, SAIC chase T60, D90 have been awarded the Australian ANCAP five star collision rating, EV80 has passed the UK low emission car office OLEV standard audit, to become the first batch of new energy subsidies in the world of China wide body light vehicle models. SAIC Datong has won a competitive position in the developed countries such as Australia, England and Germany with its strong product strength.

Behind the high quality products, it is the spirit of "real dry" in the SAIC Datong, with the "real", "real" technology, the "real" of the users and the "real" on the word of mouth. It has formed a comprehensive product including MPV, SUV, the car, the wide body light passenger, the pickup, the new energy product combination and so on. With the market segmentation, we meet the diverse needs of users.

On this basis, SAIC made a system with strong product development capabilities and technological development capabilities. As the top soldier of SAIC Group, SAIC was backed by the strong support of SAIC Group in funds, research and development, resources, talent and so on. It has come out of a brand new route of Chinese automobile brand, and has achieved "chase speed" with the combined growth rate of 80%, and also export high-end market for other Chinese brands. It has played an exemplary role in the world. At the same time, global research and development, international manufacturing standards, the top five hundred components suppliers, and worry free services have jointly contributed to the excellent system competitiveness of the SAIC chase, and then create a first-class product and service system, deeply trusted and recognized by the users.

It is worth mentioning that SAIC has established a complete international operation system. At present, the global distribution network of SAIC chase is initially established, forming 5 key core markets (Australia, Europe, ASEAN, South America and the Middle East), covering 44 countries and regions. With the development of the business, more and more products have entered the overseas market, and JP has entered the competition of greater capacity worldwide, and continues to move towards the goal of "becoming a leader in the domestic market and a strong competitor in the global market".

The poet said, "distance brings beauty", but for overseas Chinese far away from other lands, distance will limit their imagination of the motherland. In the future, SAIC will also fly into more overseas Chinese people with the strength and confidence of China, so that they can witness the strong and soaring of China in a foreign country, and truly feel the charm of the country.