The speed of the chase is added again! You have to see the C2B factory in Wuxi

One thing always stays like one or seven years, can you? It is said that if we love the same thing in seven years, we will be sure that this is true love. Then, what is the successful way to maintain 80% compound growth rate for seven years? For SAIC chase, the most direct reflection is the achievement of the "amazing speed" of amazing time.

How fast is the speed of the chase? In February 2nd, Twentieth million vehicle downline ceremonies were launched at the Wuxi factory. The first full size and smart custom Internet SUV - D90 driver personally drove down the production line. At the same time, SAIC chase harvest in January 2018 news: the monthly sales of 7797 units, an increase of 95%. Looking back at the past 2017, SAIC also showed excellent performance: 2017, vehicle sales reached 71117, an increase of 54% over the same period last year. After the market of Australia and Ireland, the pure electric products of SAIC chase entered the developed countries market in Germany, Britain and other European countries, becoming the first Chinese automobile brand in the developed countries.

SAIC is not only flying in both wings both at home and abroad, but also has achieved a double harvest of market performance and business model exploration. The first C2B intelligent mass customization business in the industry has gradually become a distinct label for SAIC chase. C2B personalized what is special? Besides the "set meal", how does SAIC chase provide "buffet"? Let's follow the 200000th SAIC Datong product, D90, which is driven by the owner himself, and find the answer to the Wuxi production base.

"Thousands of people such as breaking one", "Zhuangshan" Say No!

As the unique product of C2B business mode innovation, the essential difference between SAIC Datong D90 and other vehicles is the subversion of production mode. Different from the same products in the previous B2C production line, every D90 is driven by user driven business and user participation in decision-making. From this, it is not difficult to understand, when driving through their own hand designed to drive down the production line, personally inspecting the Wuxi factory, the car owner is excited about the mood.

As a matter of fact, the concept of C2B has long been found, but it has been projected into a complex and huge industry chain of automobile industry. In the past more than 100 years, there has never been a comprehensive practice by enterprises. In the face of the C2B business model that can be learned from no experience, what is the first car that the SAIC is going to go through in the face of the conflict between the personalization and the mass production?

Flexible production line

SAIC Datong came into contact with users' customized vehicle demand very early, and introduced flexible production mode. In the process of business development, the personalized manufacturing order of V80, a light passenger vehicle under SAIC chase, has reached 40%, and the user's demand for the car is more personalized than 100%. On this basis, SAIC has formed a small batch of multi variety business model and flexible, personalized manufacturing system capabilities, the implementation of the technical level and ability of the C2B, and in the manufacturing concept of the "customer centered" to "customer driven" transformation. At the time of "success and failure", SAIC has put forward the "smart future" based on the demand for personalized orders. It is not only the development goal of the intelligent, efficient and customized production trend of the automobile manufacturing industry, but also the implementation principle and core value throughout the production cycle of the product.

One piece of VIN code

The advantage of SAIC Datong B terminal is that users will deeply participate in the whole process from the development stage of vehicle development. From the user orders, parts production, parts logistics, vehicle installation, and the finished product acceptance of each link, fully showed the "smart custom" concept of the whole life cycle of the SAIC Tong covering the product. Specifically, through the terminal selecter developed by SAIC chase, the user can customize the requirement, the intelligent order, select the individual configuration independently, the backstage of the selecter will generate the order directly, and realize the traceability and the inquiry of the order. Parts production follows the mode of precise matching and customized production. Parts suppliers are manufactured according to the parts order issued by Datong (with vehicle VIN code). This means that every part of a supplier's production corresponds to a chase vehicle, which is customized for users. And through VIN, we can quickly query the information of vehicle parts, so as to ensure efficient and convenient after-sale vehicle maintenance. In the logistics link, after the different models of intelligent batching cars lock the order, they automatically drive on the fixed line in the workshop and pick up the special parts of the different orders to pick up the special parts.

Smart screen

How do these exclusive parts install on cars? There is a picture of the truth! The work position in the SAIC Datong production line is equipped with an intelligent screen that can display the assembly requirements corresponding to the current order, thus directing the assembly work and forming a exclusive installation instruction. In the finished product acceptance process, the assembly inspection of the exclusive vehicle is also done according to the intelligent handheld terminal, so as to ensure the complete completion of the exclusive order requirement. It is also because of the special features of the smart screen order, the SAIC can be installed at the same production line, accurate and accurate installation of up to 10616 price gradient, different SAIC Tong D90, can also achieve fast, smooth production, and ensure accuracy.

People carve crafted ingenuity, opened the "on-demand" of any door

With the youth of the main consumption of consumption, the structure of consumption demand is constantly changing to diversification and individuation. The cold ice products produced in the traditional large-scale production line mode are no longer favored, but the era of user centered and custom-oriented customized C2B automobile production mode is coming. By using the users to return to the commercial decision center, the SAIC pushes the Chinese automobile brand to get rid of the pure stacking configuration and the right path to forward research and development, and to build the independent brand to the upper model, while also transforming the C2B and the business data into the grab, making the digital transformation of the SAIC Datong in front of the industry.

Work map

For the SAIC chase, the transformation is multifaceted. Automobile manufacturing is a very large system engineering, and the design and development of C2B personalized order and the process and specification of verification are much more complicated than it imagined, so the visit of the Wuxi production base of SAIC chase is only a glimpse of the leopard. But even so, we can see that, as an enterprise dedicated to providing temperature, individual car products and life services, the SAIC is inheriting the ingenuity in the spirit of excellence, the spirit of excellence and the service spirit of the user. Taking the visualization of the workstation as an example, the SAIC Datong carries out one to one position arrangement for the key posts and bottlenecks, and records their personal information, working state, working hours, productivity, good quality and bad quality. It not only improves the quality management level, but also provides data support for process optimization, so that it can respond quickly and fully. The demand for sufficient customization.

Through the standardization, lean, flexibility and modularization of manufacturing, the Wuxi base of SAIC Datong has realized the extreme flexibility of the multi model mixed line production and manufacturing system, which makes the "private custom" the "tall" model finally realized, as well as the production process and the mature automation technology. Operation. For example, the selection of welding technology for production process, every solder joint is full of the ingenuity and diligent quality of SAIC chase. The advanced laser welding technology is adopted in the top of the SAIC Datong D90 to ensure the welding effect, the beauty and safety of the body, and the laser composite welding is adopted in the frame to improve the strength of the whole frame and accelerate the production beat.


Not only that, the four major production workshops of Wuxi factory, stamping, welding, coating and assembly, are used to operate with higher precision of the "tooling", and the rate of automation has reached more than 70%. Automatic stamping production line, automatic glass line robot, painting robot and so on, especially in the production process, for the effective improvement of manufacturing efficiency, it continues to provide important help.

Downline ceremony

It is the idea that the SAIC chase and the company adhere to the user centered Idea of building a car, and the technical quality of excellence, as well as the strategic guidance of the resources advantage of SAIC Group and "electrification, intelligentization, reconnection and sharing", which makes the real landing of the C2B business and the construction of the 1 edition completed, and form a set of intelligence. Intelligent production system, such as energy development, intelligent supply chain and intelligent production. With the information age of consumer upgrading, the first for the users to provide Dream Car SAIC chase, the future will continue to wind the waves, to bring more customized products and services to consumers, continuously for "the speed of the chase" added.