Chairman of SAIC Group: traditional car companies have a lot of envied by Internet companies.

After the first commercial operation of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Foshan, in January 19, 2018, the Shanghai Automotive Group Limited by Share Ltd cooperated with the Shanghai chemical industrial zone and signed the "Shanghai chemical industrial zone and SAIC Group strategic cooperation frame agreement" by the Shanghai Chemical Industrial District Management Committee. The two parties will make full use of the advantages of both sides, combine the development plan of the fuel cell automobile industry in Shanghai and the intelligent interconnected industry planning, jointly promote the commercial operation cooperation of fuel cell vehicles and carry out beneficial exploration, make the Shanghai chemical industrial zone into a demonstration base of hydrogen energy, and carry out various kinds of fuel cells. Vehicle demonstration operation network and intelligent vehicle demonstration operation.

On the same day, 7 enterprises, SAIC chase, SAIC Hyatt, Shanghai post movement, Shanghai post blue, Shanghai Shun Hua, Shanghai Huayi Group and Pujiang gas, also signed the cooperation agreement on fuel cell vehicle demonstration and hydrogenation support framework of Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, based on the advantages of all parties in fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen related systems. The seven parties intend to cooperate with each other to build the leading fuel cell vehicle and hydrogen energy demonstration base in Shanghai chemical industry zone.

Shanghai Municipal Commission of communications, Shanghai Traffic Commission, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone Management Committee, SAIC Group, SAIC Datong and other related leaders attended the signing ceremony.

The strategic cooperation is an important exploration to promote the commercial operation of fuel cells and the ecological construction of the industrial chain and to accelerate the construction of the application driven development model, which means that the commercial operation and camp plan of the SAIC Group and its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Shanghai will first be tried in Jinshan. At the same time, the strategic cooperation will also accumulate experience for the operation guarantee of Shanghai fuel cell vehicles, and provide an effective support for the intelligent driving vehicle in depth combined with users to use the scene and to speed up the project landing.

Accumulate steadily, lead the hydrogen fuel cell car market

Facing the trend of the change of automobile market and industry pattern, SAIC Group has always adhered to the future of independent innovation and layout, aiming at the new development trend of "electrification, net Union, intelligentization and sharing", and actively explore the solution of industrial transformation and upgrading. As the only automobile enterprise to promote the three technical routes of hybrid power, pure electric and fuel cells in China, the core technology of "electric drive, battery and electric control" of SAIC Group has reached the leading and international first-class level in China.

Under the guidance of the "new four modernizations" strategy, we are backed by the strong support of the SAIC Group in funds, R & D, resources, and talents. The SAIC is fully laid out in the prospective field of technology, taking the new energy as an important development direction and implementing the new energy strategy of "all platform, whole series and all route", pure electric, mixed, and mixed. The three technical routes of fuel cell vehicle will be integrated and go hand in hand.

China's first fuel cell broad body light passenger FCV80, officially released by the Guangzhou auto show in 2017, will be the main vehicle for the operation and intelligent driving of this hydrogen fuel cell. Prior to that, SAIC Datong FCV80 has made national product announcements and entered the recommended catalogue of new energy products, and has already harvested more than 100 orders before going public.

The SAIC Datong FCV80 adopts the dual power source with the fuel cell system and the power battery as the auxiliary. The longest driving range can reach 500 km. It solves the general anxiety of the electric vehicle users in the endurance of the endurance, and fundamentally solves the disadvantages of the new fuel car in the endurance of the endurance. At the same time, FCV80 also uses real-time monitoring and protection of hydrogen concentration, hydrogen overvoltage protection, hydrogen limiting current protection, special condition self breaking hydrogen protection, active control of hydrogen leakage protection, high voltage safety design and protection, collision safety design and protection, safety design and protection of water wading, the main system has 24 hours remote monitoring and so on. The safety and stability of hydrogen energy is guaranteed. In the process of formal use, FCV80 needs only 3 minutes of hydrogenation time, and the convenience is similar to the traditional fuel vehicle, which is far better than the pure electric vehicle.

With the excellent quality of the product, SAIC JP ushered in the beginning of the year, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle FCV80 first batch of 100 deliveries, according to the SAIC chase plan, is expected to be delivered to 400 units in 2018. It is reported that the 20 FCV80, delivered at the site of the signing ceremony, will be responsible for commuting in the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, providing green travel services for the park, demonstrating green green traffic and boosting the construction of new energy green ecosphere in Shanghai.

Relying on SAIC forward looking technology, intelligent curve overtaking

In addition to cooperation in the commercial operation of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, SAIC Group will also cooperate with the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone in the field of intelligent driving, which will provide a demonstration operation of unmanned and intelligent net products in the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, helping Shanghai to take the lead in realizing the passenger transport and various types of logistics in the park. The intelligentization of transportation.

SAIC takes the development and application of intelligent automobile products as an important strategic direction for future development, and actively carries out future research on integrated technology innovation, application scene integration and other forward-looking projects in the related fields.

Based on SAIC's foresight technology research, SAIC Chase has in-depth research and development in the field of intelligent technology. As early as 2013, SAIC began to customize the development route of intelligent driving technology. It has reached the leading level in the field of environmental perception, control algorithms, simulation testing and other technical fields. SAIC chase uses advanced intelligent driving module, based on 64 bit ARM kernel and high performance GPU, which has low energy consumption and meets vehicle level safety requirements. At the same time, to master the efficient and independent development of the depth learning algorithm, the application of multi source perceptual fusion technology precision perception system, and has completed more than 50 urban road tests at home and abroad, and accumulated a large number of data samples.

In September 17, the unmanned support line logistics car developed by the Jingdong has been tested successfully. At the end of November, the unmanned Park commuter vehicle was officially launched in the SAIC chase Park, and the SAIC SUV D90, pica T60 and MPV G10 carried the intelligent Internet system of the SAIC Ali zebra zebra zebra zebra zebra To give full play to SAIC and Ali's expertise in artificial intelligence and Internet applications, its stable and powerful function is practical and allows users to have a convenient use of experience.

In the future, SAIC will continue to develop intelligent driving technology. In 2018, it will launch an unmanned commercial application solution based on structured roads and customized scenes, and will gradually expand into commercial applications such as industrial parks and ports, and will launch automatic driving and autonomous parking in 2019. New products.

Complementary advantages, build a new ecosystem of fuel cell vehicle operation.

This cooperation, SAIC Group and the Shanghai chemical industrial zone will be based on their own high quality resources, jointly guide the cultivation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle operation concept, accumulate operating experience, to build a good ecological environment for the "hydrogen fuel cell vehicle model operation" to make due contribution.

SAIC is the only domestic fuel cell car production enterprise through the Ministry of industry and information 39, the first commercial operation of fuel cell FCV80 is also the first international fuel cell light passenger car model, and is also the first domestic fuel cell vehicle with the latest access standard of the Ministry of industry and credit. It has many advantages, such as advanced technology, long life, green environment, strong environmental tolerance, safety and reliability. Not long ago, the SAIC Motor vehicle became one of the participants in the South China Sea project in Foshan. Together with the government of Foshan, the automobile application market of fuel cell vehicles was developed together to promote the industrialization and commercialization of domestic fuel vehicles.

The other side of this cooperation, Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, has also concentrated on the superior industrial resources of petroleum chemical, natural gas chemical and fine chemical industry. It is not only a hydrogen rich industrial cluster, but also in the forefront of the planning and construction of the hydroprocessing station in Shanghai, which is expected to be the first commercialization of Shanghai. A hydrostatic station for mode operation.

In the infrastructure planning and construction of the hydrogenation station, the two sides will actively promote the experience accumulation and standard regulation of hydrogen production, hydrogen transport, hydrogen storage and hydrogen use, and occupy the future commanding point of the industry, combining the unique rich hydrogen rich industrial environment and the relatively closed environment characteristics of the Park Road in the chemical industrial area of Shanghai. Together, it provides policy assistance and operation support for builder and operator of hydrogenation station.

In addition, in combination with the operating conditions of the park, SAIC will gradually increase the use of fuel cell vehicles, explore the rules of operational support with the park and accumulate experience, and carry out technical and management experience reserves for subsequent large-scale applications.

The future, SAIC Group will continue to adhere to the innovation transformation, deepen the "Four Integration" development, actively establish a new differentiation competitive advantage, to create a creative spirit of the world famous automobile companies, leading the future of car life. Chen Zhixin, the chief executive of SAIC Group, said: "SAIC will cooperate with the advantages of resources, achieve win-win development, build a leading domestic, international first-class fuel cell industry chain and ecological circle, and build Shanghai into a world - class fuel cell vehicle innovation center and industrial highland".

As an important part of the development of the group, SAIC will continue to take technological innovation as the engine, adhering to the initial heart of "two wings simultaneously, transboundary development, innovation transformation and pursuit of excellence", creating a differentiated system competitiveness and global view of business layout, and realizing the transformation and upgrading from traditional car maker to comprehensive travel service provider. To create a new "chase speed".