What is black technology? What new species? Can let the car evolve C2B custom function

In February 28th, on the occasion of brand release 7th anniversary, SAIC chase announced the upgrading of smart terminal selection device, ushered in the official version of the 2 version. The C2B auto - customized black science and technology deity, which is developed by the SAIC chase, opens a large amount of configuration to the user to choose, subverts the structure and manufacturing process of the automobile, and changes the traditional mode of buying the car.

【It's highly free to choose the most suitable car for users.】

In today's highly personalized era, the need to upgrade is obviously more than vehicle type, but vehicle free selection mode. As the world's first C2B intelligent vehicle customized car company, SAIC Chase has launched intelligent selection device timely, which is a good helper for car selection. Intelligent selection is the core of C2B intelligent mass vehicle customization business. Its unique feature is to give the choice of the configuration back to the consumer - the user can customize the requirement, the intelligent order, the independent personality configuration, the backstage of the distributor will generate the order directly, and realize the traceability and the query of the order. This is a new species of car "point to self help", which brings users the online personalized selection, online orders, online real-time acquisition of car progress, the new car model under line, 3 minutes can allow users get a car with their own DNA.

【personalization of thousands of people】

【C2B large-scale intelligent customization is making it impossible to become possible】

There is no shortcut to promote C2B car customization. We only need to better understand user needs and accumulate data iterations. SAIC has made a comprehensive iteration of the intelligent selection device, and updated it according to user feedback and the first ten items, the first twenty or even the first two hundred items. This iteration, the user only needs to scan the two-dimensional code into the front page of the selection device, and can click on the 3D model 360 degrees, understand the details of the vehicle, and get a visual and fun C2B car custom selection and purchase experience.